One Direction swap clothes for truth or dare - VIDEO

You may think you know each member of One Direction's arses from their armpits, but what better way to find out even more intimate details about the inner workings of their minds than with a game of truth or dare?

That or just to see Louis Tomlinson, Liam Payne and Zayn Malik swap clothes anyway.

One Direction swap clothes and play truth or dare for J-14 - VIDEO

When we heard that One Direction had been playing truth or dare, we naturally assumed it would end with Niall Horan getting naked and running free and wild up and down the street, but sadly the fact that it all took place on the red carpet seems to have stopped any full nudity..

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It's still worth a watch, if only to observe Louis get out his infamous 'Spin The Harry' voice that brings both fear and joy into the hearts of Directioners the world over.

One Direction swap clothes and play truth or dare for J-14 - VIDEO

That said, J-14 did persuade them to get involved in some clothes swapping and even got a sneaky look at the last photo they took on their phones.

Check it out...

Oh Cheesyhead, we've missed you.

What do you think about that then?

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