If One Direction were tiny people...

1D in pocket-sized form

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We don't know about you Scapers, but we've often had very long and in-depth daydreams revolving around One Direction being pocket sized.

For example, imagine slipping Zayn in to yer packed lunch box, or tucking Harry under your bra strap for safekeeping. THE POSSIBILITIES ARE ENDLESS.

With that in mind, we've utilised our (getting slightly better) photoshop skills to create a world where One Direction are TINY LITTLE PEOPLE that get up to all sorts of trouble.

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You can tell not much newsy stuff happens over Christmas, can't you? Enjoy, anyway.

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Tiny One Direction were bored. 'Guys, let's do something else now,' said tiny Liam. 'We could fall off these pigs and hurt ourselves.'

The tiny boys all agreed that another activity was in order (apart from tiny Niall, who was wondering if he could take a bite out of the pig without anyone noticing) but couldn't decide what to do.

'I know' said Harry. 'Let's all go off and do our own thing, then meet up later for some more tiny group fun'

Unfortunately, tiny Harry has an even slower voice that big Harry - and by the time he finished speaking, all the other tiny boys had fallen asleep.

Luckily, he managed to wake them by shouting something about free hair gel, and the tiny lads went their separate ways, agreeing to meet up at 6pm that evening.

Tiny Harry decided to indulge in his favourite past time - riding cougars. Tiny Harry likes to be fairly modest about his habit in front of the boys, but he's ridden a fair few cougars in his time. GRRR.

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There was only one thing on tiny Liam's mind as he left the other tiny boys. 'Where can I get a nice cup of tea and some very sensible conversation?'

Fortunately, he stumbled upon a Prince Charles tea party - and spent a few contented hours discussing hip replacements and the wonders of proper china teacups.

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Tiny Louis, meanwhile, gatecrashed the local catwalk show. 'These b*tches aint got nothing on me,' he muttered, while directing his best 'blue steel' pose at the watching cameras.

There was only 'one direction' tiny Niall was going in - and that was down the local chicken shop.

He has agreement with the owners you see - he's allowed to roll around in the fried stuff as much as he wants - as long as he sings his verse from Little Things while he does it.

Tiny Zayn was planning to visit tiny Perrie Edwards - but got sidetracked by an ENTIRE CAR MADE OUT OF MIRRORS. 'By the power of greyskull, it's beautiful,' he whispered.

Yes, he was talking about his own reflection, not the car.

Covered in chicken grease, feeling fabulous, rested, dazzled and a little sore from too much riding, the tiny boys reunited at the agreed time of 6pm.


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