Louis Tomlinson celebrates 21st birthday early with a massive cake

He may not be turning 21 for another few days, but Louis Tomlinson started the celebrations early this weekend, with a WELL POSH party in Nottinghamshire.

Louis, his family, and Eleanor Calder hosted the bash at the Retford hotel Ye Olde Bell (whadda name) hotel last Friday, which saw 100 close family and friends - including the other 1D lads, obvs - dancing the night away in black tie.

Louis Tomlilnson birthday

According to a source, Luigi enjoyed a small pre-dinner drinks party in his suite, before being joined by the rest of the guests for dinner - where mum Johanna gave a short speech - and dancing.

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However, reports that Louis, Niall and co. forced the entire party to do 'The Joe' are unconfirmed.

In true One Direction style, there was also a MAHOOSIVE cake involved, possibly at the request of a certain Mr. Niall Horan. *cough*

louis tomlinson 21st birthday party

Hotel staff said that the party took months to plan, and had been kept a 'closely-guarded secret' to avoid unwanted publicity.

The boys are also said to have stayed the night once the celebrations came to an end - but that is NOT AN EXCUSE to check yourself in at the Ye Olde Bell in the desperate hope that Niall left behind an old sock or something.


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