District3 on erect Christmas trees, being generous with their sacks, and deep filled mince pies - VIDEO

There is nothing that makes us feel more warm inside and Christmassy than hanging out with Distict3.

In fact we were so in the festive spirit when we saw them that we thought we’d talk to them about how erect Micky Parson’s likes his Christmas tree, what Dan Ferrari-Lane will be doing with his big sack, how Greg West likes his mince pies filled.

For some reason the boys found this all quite amusing, we’re not sure why.

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We’re also a little uncertain as to what Dan Fazza Lazza was doing with his fingers when Greg was talking about dipping them in his warm mince pies.

Peculiar boys.

Check out the sexshay video here.


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Boys, if you need any help erecting your tree, unloading your sacks or filling your pies, you know where we are.

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