One Direction on getting their hearts broken at Christmas time

One of life’s greatest mysteries is why anyone would ever break up with or turn down one of the One Direction boys. Obviously, these ex-ladies do not have eyes or ears. But apparently, somehow, somewhere, it has happened before.

And it’s even happened over Christmas. Now that’s just plain MEAN.

one direction

Chatting to Tiger Beat magazine, the lads revealed that they’ve had their fair share of heartbreak and have been left sobbing into their stockings after being dumped at Christmas. Come round to ours for dinner and a mince pie and we’ll make you feel better lads.

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When asked if he’d been given the festive chuck, Liam replied “Yes, by a girl named Kate! She dumped me. She was the first girl I fell in love with, I was 15”. AWH. Our hearts just broke in two. SHAME ON YOU KATE, you mystery lady. Kate Bush? Kate Middleton? KATE OUR EDITOR? AGH.

one direction

Louis revealed “I was about 14. It was the chasing stage, and I was chasing her, but I wasn’t going to get the girl!” What he didn't say was that he then turned into mini-sasquatch and threw a tantrum and bitch-slapped her. Probably.

Luckily, not all of them have suffered the same fate. “I’ve never had my heart broken at Christmas”, Niall said. Good for you Blondie, now put down that sandwich and go comfort your heartbroken band mates.

Have any of you ever had your heart broken at Christmas?

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