James Arthur and Matt Cardle's Twitter row continues: Give it up the tunes are brutal

We’re beginning to think that James Arthur has been taking lessons from The Sassy One Louis Tomlinson and is becoming The Second Sasquatch.

Earlier this week James upset Matt Cardle when he pointed out that past male X Factor winners haven’t been all that successful. Which, let’s be honest, is fair enough.

matt cardle

The Cardmeister didn’t take too kindly to these comments and promptly reminded our lovely lashed one that he’d sold 2 million and had two top ten albums. Again, fair enough.

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Now however James has released his sassy side and taken to Twitter in what we can only assume is a dig at Matt and bargain bins up and down the country.


He made a second dig about jealousy being a “weak” emotion:

james arthur

We’d quite like James to get sassy with us, although we’d probably just giggle, twiddle our hair and tell him he’s fit.

But aaaaanyway, boys calm it down and make up over a Crimbo Babycham and tips on male eyelash grooming. Or you could continue to argue, either way it’s quite fun for us.

Matt Cardle: James Arthur can stop mouthing off

James Arthur to have album out ASAP. YYEEESSSHH

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