"Harry Styles has been chasing girls since primary school" - Will Sweeny

Harry Styles loves the ladies and the ladies love Harry Styles. In we’d cool him LL Cool Styles if it wasn’t such a nineties reference.

Harry Styles

But don’t you lot go thinking that it’s the powers of being in One Direction that has made Hazza chase after the girls, according to buddy Will Sweeny, he’s been at it since he started school.

“I’ve known him since he was four years old. I know it sounds funny, but even in primary school he always had a few girls on the go. It was rather amusing," he told The Daily Star.

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“From Year Four, when he was about 10, Harry started with proper girlfriends. He just had this unbelievable way with girls all his life, and it looks like none of that has changed.

“Harry was always the charmer with the little cheeky grin on his face.”

That and the fact that he mastered the bra when he was this big:

Whadda stud. Take a look at him here talking about love, it’s from when we first met him, so he would've been about 10.

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