Tom Daley: 'Liam Payne helped me through Twitter abuse'

Despite having girls wanting to touch your face all the time, one of the worst things about being famous is probably the hate that celebs seem to always be getting on Twitter these days.

Tom Daley had some pretty awful comments made to him during the summer's Olympics, but he's revealed that it was actually One Direction pal Liam Payne who helped him through it. We'd like to think it involved hand holding and deep breathing techniques.

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Tom and Captain Sensible apparently bonded over the fact that both of them have received abuse from Twitter trolls and when the diver was sent some pretty horrific messages about his dad during the Olympics, Liam was straight on the phone.

"I'm really good mates with Liam - we actually became mates after the Twitter thing when that guy gave me abuse," Tom told the Daily Star.

"He called me up and told me not to let it bother me, which was really supportive of him."

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But despite the fact that we often see them heading out for a dance off, there's more to their bonding sessions than hip thrusting.

"Since then we've become close mates and usually on a typical boys' night, you'll find him and me down at Funky Buddha having a few drinks and a dance," he continued.

"Either that or we'll go for a Chinese or a Wagamama."

Liam takes Tom Daley on a night out


And there we were thinking that the extent of Liam's big night out would generally just involve mending Zayn's old bike chain down the potting shed.

What do you think about all this?

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