Louis Tomlinson turns 21 - LADvent Day 24

Seeing as how it's the last day of our excuse for some even more blatant than usual boy appreciation, what better way to celebrate the 21st Birthday of One Direction's Louis Tomlinson than by making him the guest of honour at this Christmas shindig?

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The Birthday greetings have already come flooding in online...at least from girlfriend Eleanor Calder and lovely mum Jay Tomlinson anyway.

"Happy Birthday Louis Tomlinson," Eleanor said posting a snap of them together. "I love you."

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"Can't believe my little boy is turning 21 so soon. I'm so pleased on what a lovely man he has turned into," Jay said on Instagram last night.

Happy Birthday Louis Tomlinson - You're 21

"Little did I know, 21 years ago, that tomorrow I would meet the best boy in the world #proudmum."

Neither did we Jay, nice work on the whole giving birth to him front. Well done.

She also posted an AMAZING baby snap of King Sassypants himself.

Happy Birthday Louis Tomlinson - You're 21

Louis himself has haid a typically sass-filled reaction to his big day, tweeting: "IT'S MY BIRTHDAYYYYY AHHHH."

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Hmm, that baby photo reminds us of something...

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Niall's Birthday message for Luigi is probably our favourite though and he tweeted: "I hate when ya wake up for a wee and then can't go back to sleep ! Heh."

We're fairly sure that's some deep and meaningful code about how sad he is at being parted from the Louis T burger of love on such a special day. He did add a more blatant message a bit later, but we prefer the bit about weeing.

Do you have a message for Louis?

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If One Direction were sexy Santas...

Images: PA / Instagram

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