Zayn Malik is 'sickened' as his sisters are targeted by Twitter trolls

Good old Twitter trolls were as disgusting as ever this week, after rumours began to circulate from unknown sources that Zayn Malik’s younger sister has cancer. Where do these guys get off, for realz?

zayn malik

The sickos who created the rumours a few days ago targetted 10 year old Saafa, also posted awful racially related comments and speculated about other members of the family. OKAY HOLD OUR EARRINGS.

Look how sad you’re making Zayn... Every time Zayn cries, a baby badger dies.

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Zayn Malik

Saafa tweeted in response to the rumours, saying “Sorry I haven’t been that nice to anyone:/ I was just a bit angry how people made FAKE rumors saying I have cancer when I don’t! Sorry x”

Zayn’s elder sister Doniya also replied to gossip created by the trolls which spoke of her and Zayn having different fathers. She tweeted to her 103,000 followers: “I can assure u we have the same dad and hu Eva is telling u this pathetic things is a very sad person.”

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Very sad is putting it quite lightly, we reckon.

Zayn Malik

An insider told the Sun newspaper that “Zayn is sickened that people could write such horrible things about his sisters and his mum and dad. He is not bothered about people saying things about him but for someone to write that a little girl has cancer just for the fun of it is totally obscene.”

Agreed. These Twitter trolls need to give their heads a wobble, right?


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