Harry Styles' Grandma gives him the birds and the bees talk. FINALLY.

You might be concerned about the growing romance between Harry Styles and Taylor Swift, but there is no need to worry as there is a silver-haired superhero ready to make sure the One Direction singer isn't taking any chances.

That's right, Harold's Grandma is on the scene and has taken it upon herself to give Harry a talking to about the birds and the bees.

Harry Styles

Having toured pretty much every corner of the world in the last couple of years, you might have thought that the lads knew how things worked, but you can still trust in their parents to embarrass the hell out of them at any given moment.

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Chatting to Sirius XM about getting 'the talk' from the parentals, Zayn said: "I think I got one of those from my dad, even before I was in the band.

"I got one of those embarrassing speeches, I think everybody gets that from their parents."

Not Harry though, oh no. Instead his Gran decided it was about time he found out the truth about adult cuddles. Unfortunately she only decided it was time the other day.

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"My grandma gave me one three weeks ago," Harry admitted.

"It was just too much. It was about three weeks ago. I was like 'You can just stop there!'"

Harry Styles

Gma Styles is our new favourite person.Hope she whacked out the old ''no glove, no love'' bit too.

What do you think about all this?

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