Zayn Malik gets a new mystery tattoo near his crotch. AGH.

We must warn you, this story should probably come with a big health warning sticker slapped across the top if it to protect hearts and ovaries of the world. Because it involves a lot of discussion of Zayn Malik’s private regions, and a picture of him getting a tattoo near his V line. Gulp.

zayn malik

Whilst we barely even blink anymore when we hear that one of the One Direction lads has decided to stick some kind of random sketch onto their skin, our eyes nearly popped out of their pervy little sockets when we spotted where Zayn had opted to get his most recent piece.

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It looks like this new tattoo is being drawn in a pretty intimate region of the Quiffy one’s bod, right next to the Mini Bradford Bad Boi infact. Wink wink nudge nudge. YEP, RIGHT NEAR HIS WILLY.

zayn malik

The sneaky snapshot of Zayn on the tattoo table is thought to have been taken earlier this month, so has been kept under wraps for a while now. To be fair though, it’s not like he can really whack out his hipbones all that often. Although Zayn, if you’re reading, we suggest it should definitely be done as frequently as possible.

Who knows what he’s designed this time... Hopefully not a big cartoon splat or any more phallic microphones.

Anyone got any educated guesses on what the new tattoo on the Malik canvas might be?


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