Harry Styles on womanising and One Direction squabbles: 'I hit Louis Tomlinson in the face with a shoe'

Now that Harry Styles is having this highly confusing yet fairly undeniable romance with Taylor Swift, every mention of his lovin' ways gets everyone all excited.

But despite all that he's not into womanising (still) and would much rather spend his time hitting One Direction bandmate Louis Tomlinson with his shoe.

Harry Styles

To be honest, we don't know anyone who wouldn't choose spanking Louis with an inanimate object over a gazillion questions about their love life, but that's just the Sugarscape office for you.

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Saying that, Hazza is still not into sowing his oats wild and free, or even smearing them in his Sunday dinner. Probably wise as nobody wants people messing with their Yorkshire pud arrangement.

"I try not to spread my gravy around, to be honest," Harry told the Daily Star when asked about his links with various women.

But even if he does keep his crotch to himself, Harry's worked out a pretty novel method of working off any excess tension on the tourbus.

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Asked if 1D ever have tiffs, Harry said: "We all squabble but it's never got out of hand.

"The worst was when I hit Louis in the face with a shoe."

Ouch. We don't fancy being on the receiving end of all the sass Harry probably got after that one. Not until Liam had the change to apply a plaster and kiss it better anyway.

What do you think about all this?

Comments please.

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