Harry Styles spotted checking in at Heathrow airport - PICS

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One Direction's Harry Styles is a right jetsetter these days and after a few days eating turkey at home in Cheshire, he was spotted checking in for a flight at London's Heathrow last night.

Nobody seems to know where Harry was heading on his holidays, which naturally means that there are a ton of rumours about where he's off, including a fair few that seem to think he was off to New York. 

Harry Styles spotted Heathrow visit Taylo Swift in New York? PICS

We really have no idea where or who he was off to see, but naturally this means it's time for us to put our highly serious, investigative journalist hats on and come up with a few likely ideas about where he was going.

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1. Off to see Taylor Swift.

Frankly this seems like the most unlikely of all the options. Yeah she's singing in New York for New Years Eve, but everyone knows that Harry is part Gremlin and if he gets wet or eats after 10pm, he will turn into a sassypants to rival even those of Louis Tomlinson. Nobody would be silly enough to take such a chance in their hands.

2. He's going on a tattoo safari.

Everyone knows Harry loves getting a new inking added to his body, but now that he's started to run out ideas, he's been left with no other option than to journey into the wilderness to observe tattoos grazing wild and free in their natural habitat.

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We have no idea if he'll come back with some new designs, but either way it'll be one step closer to him running out of room to the extent that the next one has to be on his crotch area. Fingers crossed he Instagrams that one - for the good of girlkind, of course.

3. That mysterious chin injury has come back to haunt him.

That bandage we saw Harry sporting earlier this week may have looked like your average skiing chinjury (like what we did there?), but actually it's a sign of something much more sinister. We can't help noticing that this chin based development happened on Christmas Eve - a sure sign that as well as being a famous boyband star, Harry is in fact a descendant of Santa and now that his white beard has sprouted, he can no longer keep it a secret. Well, that or Louis decided to get his own back for being hit in the face with a shoe.

Either way, he's probably flying off to some clinic for some permanent Santa beard removal.

Harry Styles spotted Heathrow visit Taylo Swift in New York? PICS

As likely as all these options seem, have we missed any vital clues? What are we missing?

Comments and ideas in the shiny little box below please..

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Harry Styles spotted sporting bandaged chin - PICS

Images: Twitter
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