Justin Bieber has added yet another inking to his growing collection of tattoos - and this one is a biggie.

El Biebs posted this photo on instagram with the caption 'newtatt', showing his latest skin etching to be hands clasped in prayer, and surrounded by flowers.

justin bieber

If you're wondering what the meaning behind the tatt is though, don't look to El Biebo for enlightenment - when one fan commented on the photo 'why why why', Justin simply responded with 'because because because'.

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The J-Dawg is currently sunning himself in Mexico with Selena Gomez (we assume this means they are back on) but seems slightly confused by life in general if his other instagram pics are anything to go by.

justin bieber

Then again, maybe he's just got a squint on because the sun is in his eyes.

What do you think about Biebertron's latest tatt?

Images: Instagram

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