Liam Payne gives Harry Styles a dirty new nickname

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The One Direction lads might be having some time off, but there is no rest for the most fatherly Directioner of them all. In fact Liam Payne has been working hard, probably spending every night locked in his shed making spider diagrams of possible new nicknames for the wonder that is Harry Styles.

Ok that might be a slight exaggeration, but apparently he did come up with a new name for his long-haired pal during a trip to Laser Quest over the holidays and it just so happens to be 'Dirty Harry'.

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One Direction's Liam Payne nicknames Harry Styles Dirty Harry

Half the fun of Laser Tag is coming up with something embarrassing enough to make your pals squirm when their name is read out at the end and apparently Liam decided to take a walk on the wild side by rechristening Hazza with a CRAZY nickname.

When we say crazy, we mean this on a scale relative to  Liam Payne, where normal involves bed by 9pm and mental probably equates to putting the milk in before you pour the tea.

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But apparently an insider from their Laser Quest adventure thought it was a fairly momentous occasion and spoke to the Daily Star saying: "Liam joked that they should all start calling him Dirty Harry after Clint Eastwood in the movie.

"So that was it - he was Dirty Harry all night.

"He didn't seem to mind at all and they were saying it had a double meaning given his exploits with the women," the source added.

Harry Styles wants news pants for Christmas

Hmmm, you say that but we can't help thinking it's likely to be related more to the worn down gusset of his undercrackers than his prowess with the ladies.

We're not being funny, but it's really not his fault; everyone knows Hazza is down to just a few pairs of knickers as Zayn keeps borrowing them when they're off on tour.

But what do you think of this new name? While you consider some alternatives, let's just watch 1D trying to cram themselves into a large pair on pants shall we?


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