Olly Murs: "If a girl farted in front of me I'd be devastated."

A lot of girls would like to date Olly Murs, if not just to make him buy trousers that fit. Murs, we can make out your penis; our nan and her crotch sniffing dog will NOT be introduced to that.

Anyway, we digress. The O Man has been chatting to Top of the Pops mag about all the things relationship, and confesses that he used to be a bit too stinky for a girlfriend.

Olly Murs

“I’ll admit that I was a bit of a smelly boy when I was younger. I don’t think I bought deodorant until I was about 14! But now I smell great!

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“I’m terrible at hiding bad habits from girls, but if you don’t like it then don’t go out with me.”

Despite his chequered B.O past, young Oliver has one strict rule when it comes to girlfriends: No playing the bum trumpet.

“Farting’s completely off the radar though. If a girl farted in front of me I’d be devastated.”

Olly Murs

Really Olly, devastated? What has been your experience of farts thus far? Does someone need to take you to the windy doctor and see if you have an intolerance to a certain food group? We only say this because ours’ smell like fresh roses on a summer day.

Would you date Olly even if he farted in front of you?*

*The most thought-provoking question ever asked by Sugarscape.com

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