Secret One Direction fashionista Liam Payne has 'most expensive taste'

If we asked you which member of One Direction you thought spent the most on their clothes, we'd imagine you'd probably pick several of the others before Liam 'Sensible Shoes' Payne got to the top of the list.

But apparently he is well into his fancy man clothes and according to one of the lads' stylists, he's usually the one who goes for the priciest outfits to wear on shoots.

Liam Payne has the most expensives clothes fashion taste in One Direction

We would still fancy all five of the lads if (well, especially if) they were wearing nothing more than a fig leaf, but apparently carefully picking their outfits is some pretty important business.

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In fact Captain Sensible is less worried about finding an adequately waterproof anorak and apparently prefers to strut his stuff in something a bit snazzier.

''Liam's got the most expensive taste," stylist Caroline Wason told Look. "He'll say, 'Oh, I've seen this Dior jacket I like, and I think, ‘Uh oh.’”

Liam Payne has the most expensives clothes fashion taste in One Direction

He's not the only one letting out the inner fashionista either, although Harry prefers to practice his catwalk strut down the town centre on a Friday night.

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"Harry's terrible for taking clothes," Caroline continued. "We'll do a shoot and some jeans will be missing, then I'll see a picture of them on a night out."

Liam and Harry have got some competition though, and apparently it's Zayn's ability to pick an outfit that they need to watch out for.

Liam Payne has the most expensives clothes fashion taste in One Direction

when asked about the Bradford Bad Boy's ability to pick and outfit, she said: ''In the past year his style has evolved. Before he was all about baseball jackets and trainers, but now he's really into vintage pieces.''

As much as we love how the lads dress, we can't help thinking it's a slight shame that they do it so well. Guess that probably means we won't be seeing them on an episode of How To Look Good Naked any time soon after all.

But what do you think about their sense of style?

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