The Wanted's Siva Kaneswaran: 'Niall Horan is a sound lad... we have the craic'

As you probably know, The Wanted and One Direction are not the best of friends. In fact, the lack of fellow boyband lovin' often has us feeling so stressed out that we can't even finish our third choccie biscuit.


However, it seems there may be hope for a truce yet - as new evidence has come to light that suggests despite the 'chlamydia boy' jibes and hair related insults - there are two people unaffected by the feud. Two people who continue to 'have the craic'.

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Yes, we're talking about Siva Kaneswaran and Niall Horan. Or as we like to think of them, the modern day Romeo and Juliet.

Speaking to Now magazine, Siva revealed that far from being at war with Goldilocks, the Irish twosome actually have all sorts of fun when they bump into to each other.

"I've met Niall a few times and he's a sound lad," says Siva. "I have friends who live in Mullingar [Niall's hometown] and people there are quite sound. Whenever I see Niall he says hello and we have the craic."

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In this case, we like to think that 'having the craic' involves Siva and Niall running through the streets of Mullingar singing a mash up of I Found You and Little Things - but unfortunately, we can't 100 per cent confirm that's what happened.

Now, of the rest of The Wanted and 1D lads would like to follow Siva and Niall's example (Max George, Zayn Malik - we're looking at you) we're sure the world would be a much nicer place.

What do you think?

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