One Direction in trouble for admiring their boss's arse

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We'd imagine that trying to stay angry at One Direction is probably quite like getting mardy with five kittens dressed in stripy bonnets, but even so, Liam Payne has revealed that the lads did once get in some quite deep trouble. What's more is that it just so happened to be for admiring their boss's bum.

It's probably worth noting that as much as those high-waisted trousers do to show off his behind, Simon Cowell's is sadly not the ogled arse in question on this occasion.

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One Direction get in trouble and a telling off from Simon Cowell after ogling boss's bum

Recalling the telling off they got from their label after the incident, Liam explained that is was actually all a bit of an accident.

“We were sitting outside in our car waiting to go in for a meeting and this woman walked past and she was really attractive," he told the Daily Star. “Like builders, we were just shouting out the window: ‘Wahey!’

"We were proper going for it in the car and hitting the horn. And the last thing Louis came out with as she walked into the building was: ‘What a bottom.’

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Oh Luigi.

One Direction get in trouble and a telling off from Simon Cowell after ogling boss's bum

“We got out of the car, went straight into the same building only to discover she was heading the meeting," Liam continued.

“She was smiley about it and took it as a compliment. She said: ‘I think we have already met outside.’ We were very lucky.”

They didn't get away with it that easily though and it did leave Uncle Simon feeling a bit arsey with them, with Liam adding: “We have been properly told off."

Smacked bottoms all round then.

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Well it's not like we haven't ever perved on their bums, is it?

What do you think of all this bum talk?

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