Olly Murs on his ideal girl: 'All I care about is who you are as a person'

Olly Murs may be one of the hottest lads on the pop scene right now, with his crotch hugging trousers and cheeky smile, but that doesn't mean he's only interested in showbiz laydees, oh no.

In fact, the Essex crooner has revealed that when it comes to females, he'd much rather a geek than a celebrity.

olly murs geek

"The geeky girls were always my cup of tea at school," he told Top of the Pops magazine. "The girls who used to annoy me were the ones who'd say things like, 'what year are you in?' Year eight? Sorry, I only go for older guys.'

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"I went for the girls with the good personalities, who were funny and laughed at my jokes," he added. "It's still the same now. All I care about is who you are as a person."

Whadda cutie. In fact, with lines like that, we can hardly believe Mr Murs is still single.

olly murs geek

Do us a favour Olly, and stay unattached while we go and buy some geek chic glasses and a joke book, will you?

What do you lot make of Olly's comments?

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