Oritsé Williams from JLS has made us feel all funny with these muscly photos

JLS have never been the kind of guys to hide their fine physiques and shiny muscles away from the world, and it's times like this that we're particularly glad Instagram exists, as the beautiful Oritsé Williams has taken to it to display some gratuitous muscle shots.


oritse williams jls muscles

This is now our new phone background, computer background, and the background to everything we ever look at again as it's embedded in our brains forever.

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Nice one, Reesh.

oritse williams muscles jls

We've changed this one to black and white, because the first one looked bodacious, and if things are in black and white you can get away with calling them classy rather than pervy, right?


oritse williams jls biceps


Despite all the muscle action, when we got the rest of JLS to lie on top of ol' Reeshy, he couldn't get them off him.

Ladies and gentlemen, this is journalism;


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As you were.

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