Celebrity Big Brother's Sam Robertson: Fit or sh*t?

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While watching the VERY LONG AND DRAWN OUT Celebrity Big Brother launch show last night, we were treated to a tasty surprise in the form of Sam Robertson, the hot Scottish tottie last seen in E4's Beaver Falls.

'HOORAY' our ovaries yelled joyfully.

Sam Robertson CBB

However, while wondering where we can get ourselves one of those, and ogling Sam's legs in that kilt, we couldn't help but ask ourselves: is he fit, or just a bit of a sh*t?

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The pout, the hair and the jawline (OH GOD THE JAWLINE) all combine to make an undoubtedly attractive package - but there seems to be a bit of an ego issue too.

Let's face it, if Sammy boy had a theme tune, it would be LMFAO's 'I'm Sexy and I Know It'. Just look at him posing for the cameras here.

Sam Robertson

Sorry, what were we saying? We got a bit distracted...

OH YES. Sam was sent to the Big Brother basement by fellow housemates Rylan Clark and Frankie Dettori as part of the launch night twist, for 'loving himself' - so they clearly know what we're banging on about.

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Speaking about his relationship status, the sexy Scotsman told host Brian Dowling: "technically I am single, I guess."

What do you think Scapers - are you longing to give Sam's face a lick, or do you prefer your guys a tad more humble? Watch our interview with Sam last year while you compose an answer...


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Images: Channel 5/PA

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