It's the best bits from Dan and Phil's first Radio 1 show - WATCH

Clearly our Hottest Lads of 2012 poll has not gone unnoticed and the strange and wonderful bedroom ponderings of Youtubers Dan Howell and Phil Lester have officially made it onto Radio 1.

So whether you missed it, or had your face glued to the screen, you probably want to check out the best bits from their brand new Sunday night show all over again.

Dan and Phil Radio 1 show best bits - WATCH

Being the new kids on the block, Radio 1 appear to have decided not to bother giving the lads chairs and instead made them stand up for a whole two hours worth of radio magic.

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Anyway, when they weren't busy showing off their sexy faces, the lads talked about everything from frozen eyeballs and bags of milk. We don't think they were talking about boobs either, which frankly makes a nice change to the sort of smut you get around here.

Check it out...

So what do you think of all that then? Big fans of the Dan and Phil lovesandwich?

Comments please...

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