Tom Daley: 'Maybe I will sing with One Direction'

Tom Daley sent us into a frenzy of excitement yesterday - we had an extra chocolate hobnob and everything - when he revealed that he hasn't ruled out singing with his pals One Direction.

However, before we could even BEGIN daydreaming about the 1D lads and Tom bouncing about in Speedos while belting out the Spice Girls, he went and shattered our fantasies - by admitting that he can't actually sing.

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"It's been really cool to get to know the One Direction boys, mainly Liam out of all of them, who I am really good mates with," he told Digital Spy.

"Maybe I will sing with them but you would have to auto-tune the F out of me! I couldn't go on X Factor anytime soon."

Disappointing news yes, but don't get too down in the dumps just yet - because Tom also opened up about his current relationship status, confirming that he is indeed a 'single man'.

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"I'm definitely getting a lot of female attention now, which is good. It's fun," he said. "It's very different to how things were a couple of years ago.

Liam takes Tom Daley on a night out

"I am a single man at the moment, I don't have time to change it. It is very surreal but I am wary that some people might be nice to me just because of who I am. I have a group of normal, close friends who keep me grounded."

We could keep you grounded Tom. We could keep you grounded all night long. SORRY THAT WAS A  BIT MUCH.

What do you think of Tom's comments - think he should get up on stage with One Direction?

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HAHA: Liam Payne and Tom Daley out as Batman and erm, Fat Man?

Images: WENN/Twitter

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