Joey Essex disses The Wanted: They're annoying, I prefer One Direction

It sounds like Joey Essex might have mistaken Louis Tomlinson's sass cream for hair wax again after he made a bit of a dig at The Wanted, saying that he's more of a One Direction fan. Well, they do have those extremely tight trousers in common after all.

Joey Essex disses The Wanted: 'I prefer One Direction'

Now, you might have thought that Joey's time on TOWIE would have taught him a few things about avoiding the type of arguments that end in hair pulling, but apparently considering the world of boybands has pushed him one clip-in extension TOO FAR.

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Asked which band he prefers by We Love Pop, Joey said: "Definitely One Direction. Swerve The Wanted. They're just annoying, man.

"Years ago when I used to go out with Pixie Lott around Essex, one of her friends used to go out with one of The Wanted and we didn't really see eye-to-eye. That's all I'm saying."

The lads don't sound all that heartbroken by Joey's sassy little comments though and apparently it's even taught wise sloth Nathan Sykes a few things about the way of the world.

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Joey Essex disses The Wanted: 'I prefer One Direction'

He tweeted: "I wake up to find out that joey essex isn’t actually a place but is instead a wannabe off a terrible tv show! Learn something new everyday!" [sic]

What's more, when a fan asked him how he was feeling about the insult, Nathan replied: "I sometimes wonder if anyone goes to school. My point is he is a nobody and no one cares about him haha"

As amusing as this all is, we can't help thinking that perhaps it's time Joey considered something slightly less snig in the trouser department. It must be hard to fully appreciate the genius of an I Found You Dance Routine with so much friction going on in the crotch area.

What do you think about all this?

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