Harry Styles to spend big bucks on swanky Hollywood home?

Being in a little band called One Direction has left Harry Styles with a few pennies to rub together.

Now after spending the majority of his money on orange beanies and tattoos, Hazza has decided to buy himself a massive house in Hollywood. Ooohhh get you, Curly.

Harry Styles

According to The Daily Star, Harry wants to fork out $3million for a pad in the fancy pants Los Feliz part of Tinsel Town which apparently has a gym and a swimming pool where he can teach Zayn Malik to swim.

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But if you’re thinking that Hazza is just being swanky ‘cause he can, then think again people - he’s only doing all of this because he’s sensible. Yes that’s right.

“Harry is very sensible and he wants to build on his already high profile in the US,” a source told The Daily Star.

And it looks like Harry is taking a leaf out of Liam Payne’s book and channelling his dad, Des, when it comes to business decisions.

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“Des is a highly successful businessman who owns three properties and his own pub so he has advised him to invest all his wealth in a big property portfolio.”

The insider added: “Harry loves LA and wants to live among the happening people there when he’s in the US.”

Now hey there Harry Styles, there are “happening” people in London too. In fact the bloke that stands outside Brixton tube station who tries to sell us the niche combo of incense sticks and bike chains seems particularly “happening”.

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