Justin Bieber: 'I love hanging out with One Direction and The Wanted'. BBFs 4ever.

Whilst you might think that Justin Bieber, One Direction and The Wanted would be locked in a head to head, testosterone filled, hairspray armoured battle of the boybands, le Biebs has admitted that he’s actually pretty grateful for their arrival on the music scene.

justin bieber

Chatting to Live Magazine, Bieby Bieby Bieby OHHH told them he’s glad to have some mates to do all the showbizzy stuff with. ‘It’s actually cool to have other young people on the scene. I've spent years being the only one at all these awards shows - now there are other people my age.'

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Justin all you had to do was ask. We know our outrageous good looks and incredibly awesome job are intimidating, but we’re actually really nice people and might have been able to pencil you into our CRAZY social calendar every so often. Seeing as it’s you.

one direction

He went on to chat about how much he loves his best pals, ‘I hang out with One Direction, and the guys from The Wanted are fun, really funny guys.’

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Now this sounds like our kinda party. Maybe they all talk about how much they love Sugarscape. And then take naked showers together.

Justin added though that their wild partying ways aren’t quite up his street. ‘I keep my distance when they go to clubs to have their fun - I go home. Drinking is definitely one way, but it's not for me. I still want people to think I'm a good person, a good influence. I want to be around tomorrow.'

the wanted

Wow, no wonder he gets on with One Direction so well. He and Captain Sensible must have a lot to talk about. Like how the youth of today are so irresponsible, and it’s not like the good old days when everyone used to have a jolly old time sipping Ovaltine and playing KerPlunk.

Now all we need is for them to join up and create one mega force boyband. Or at least all do a song together.

How cute is it on a scale of one to a gazillion that all our favourite fit lads are bezzies? We’re only 39% bitter that we’ve never been invited to their get togethers. 49% hopeful that it will happen one day. 12% hungry.


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