One Direction set up their third company: 1D Live LLP

One Direction may be earning more money than they can shake a pair of crotch-hugging trousers at, but they're not about to blow it all on any old shizzle, oh no.

In fact, the boys are well business savvy these days, and have created their THIRD company.

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Don't worry though, they won't be swapping the stage for Wall Street any time soon. In fact, this latest business is all about saving them some cash.

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Liam, Harry, Niall, Louis & Zayn have officially set up 1D Live LLP - a limited liability partnership - which basically means that they won't have to pay corporation tax, which usually nabs 23% of all profits.

Instead, the boys will only be taxed when they withdraw money from the business.

Gahd we sound like financial whizzkids, don't we? NO WE DIDN'T HAVE TO GOOGLE 'LLP'. *cough*

The lads actually already have THREE other businesses: 1D Media, PPM Music and Rollcall Touring - all designed to ensure that they make the most of their massive earnings.

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Liam 'Cap'n Sensible' Payne must be thrilled. In fact he's probably nodding wisely and trying to stop Niall spending every last penny on a 50 foot chicken wing as we speak.

What do you think about all this?

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