Niall Horan hangs out with Frank Lampard. And looks VERY blonde.

When they’re not prancing around on stage like graceful gazelles, or preening their quiffs into angles of perfection, the One Direction boys like to do well manly stuff. For example, Niall Horan enjoys hanging out with Frank Lampard, as Christine Bleakley tweeted this week (though it might be an old picture, judging from the hair).


Niall Horan Frank Lampard

The snap of Niall and Frank was tweeted by Christine Bleakley, the wife of the football star, who Niall has previously admitted to having a bit of a cougar crush on. OOOH. Is this all just a scheme to become pals with Frank, only to kick him to the curb and bag himself a sexy older TV presenting lady? Yeah, probably.

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Chatting back in February last year to The Mirror, a lovesick Niall declared that he was well in love with her. ‘Seriously, she is my NBF, my new best friend - she is utterly incredible. I also think she's gorgeous.. I like the older woman’, he gushed. Ew gushed.

Jokin'. Horan aint no homewrecker. He's just well chuffed to be hanging out with one of those footbally types.

Niall Horan Christine Bleakley

Also evident in the pic is that Niall is now VERY, VERY BLONDE. So blonde that it’s almost transparent. A bit like the bad guy in Hercules with the flame hair. We’re wondering if this was a super slick styling choice, or some kind of accidental outcome...

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Did he whack on the bleach, then decide to start a game of FIFA to relive his wonderful day with Frank Lampard, and get too carried away? Or just popped to Nandos with the dye on, and then stayed until he’d consumed all available chicken. A definite possibility with le Nialler.

Anyway, how cute and happy does Niall look in the picture? And are you liking his blonder look?

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