Harry Styles says his lookalike Jacob Skelton is 'superb'

A Harry Styles lookalike has apparently been given the ultimate seal of approval - from the Hazlan himself.

Yesterday Jacob Skelton appeared on the front page of the Sun Newspaper, along with the headline '1Dentical' (very clever) because of his similarity to Styles.

jacob skelton harry styles

The 15-year-old from Milton Keynes told the newspaper that his curly locks and dimples have girls mistaking him for the 1D lovebot, and that he's even recieved marriage proposals.

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"When I go out I get stared at all the time, said Jacob. “I even got followed around Whipsnade Zoo by some girls who asked for a photo with me. It’s incredible, but I’m loving every minute of it.”

It's a funny old world we live in, isn't it? Welcome to 2013 - where simply looking a bit like a famous person can make you front page news.

harry styles jacob skelton

Now it seems that Harreh has noticed there's a schoolboy walking around with his hair, and apparently, thinks it's all rather funny.

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According to The Sun Harry told friends: “That’s absolutely hilarious. Superb. Good on Jake. I hope he’s having a good laugh.”

Yes, we expect he is - Jake admits that he's been 'flooded' with TV and magazine offers - and is due to appear on ITV's Daybreak this week.

harry styles jacob skelton

“It’s gone crazy — I’ve had loads of messages and people wanting me to talk on TV," he said. “I can’t believe I’m on the front page of The Sun. Everyone was calling me Harry at school today.”

What do you think - is Jake a spitting image of Harry, or has he just got the hair?

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Images: Twitter/PA

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