Liam Payne heads out to the Brits pre-dinner in a nipple hugging shirt

Liam Payne trotted out to the BRIT Awards pre-dinner celebrity thing in London last night, in what some might call "a magicians shirt" and shoes with no laces that are probably edgier than we'll ever understand, but for now just seem impractical - especially for Captain Sensible himself.

liam payne one direction

In joyous news, it looks like The Paynis is growing out his hair, and it's got to a lovely stage of being long and spiky. We imagine he lies at home with his head in Danielle's lap (steady on) as she ruffles his hair like he was her pet chihuaha.

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Or another dog with similar hair length.

one direction liam payne brit dinner

He didn't shed any light on how his evening was through Twitter, but if he did we imagine it would be something like;

"Wickkkkeeeeeedddd night tonight guuyyyyyysssss... .. . thanks brits for havin meeeeeeeee"


Are you enjoying the shirt and hair combo?

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