Conor Maynard looking DASHING at the Brits pre-dinner in London

Conor Maynard is perhaps one of the few fellas who can make a beige jumper look good.

Striking a pose at the Brits pre-dinner for Warchild's 20th Anniversary, C-Maynz looked all 'aloof' and cool in a white shirt, beige knit and black man-blazer.

conor maynard brits dinner

Just casually slinging his hand through his pocket like it ain't no thang posing for hundreds of angry paps (who shount things like 'OI, CONNNAAAH, OVER 'ERE MATE, GIZZA SMILE MATE YOU MISERABLE TW*T'), we'll pretend we haven't noticed his unusually gigantic feet.

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Although you know what they say about blokes with big feet.... good balance.

Anyway, let's watch him talk to us about erecting christmas trees.


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