Ed Sheeran scares Katy Perry away with his sweatiness. Yum.

Ed Sheeran doesn’t seem to know how many millions of girls are madly in love with his winning combination of a eargasmic voice, teddy bear like face and fluffy ginger beard.

But it sounds like the always perfect looking Katy Perry is not so head over heels with Ed, after he revealed that he pretty much blew any chance he might have had with her, by being a major Sweaty Betty. MMM.

ed sheeran

‘I sweat a lot on stage and did a show in Canada,’ Ed explained to The Sun. ‘I played the set, stormed it, sweated a lot, got off stage and bumped into Katy Perry. I was like, ‘All right Katy Perry, how are you?’’

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Sounds about as smooth as crunchy peanut butter, but go on Ed. She did go for Russell Brand many moons ago, and he's a bit grubby, so you never know.

‘She said, ‘I came to your show and I love your album. I was gonna give you a hug, but eeugh!’ and went.’

katy perry

Oh. Well that’s the end of that one then. Oh well Ed, we would happily drain you of your sweat and keep it in jars under our bed to use in various potions to make you fall in love with us. Is that cool?

Do you still love Ed even if he sweats like a Weight Watcher in a cake shop?

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