Dan Howell brings The Sexy to everyday items - joyous video

Dan Howell, we've already established, is one big chunk of sexy and sarcasm. After Danisnotonfire's Danosaurs voted in their masses to crown him Sugarscape's Hottest Lad of 2012, it was only fair that we had a chat to him about being sexy, and experienced the sexyness first hand.

Prepare yourselves, this video is nothing short of FLABBERGASTING.

dan howell sexy video

We wanted to know how we can channel more sexy into our lives, even when we're in the office doing not much at all loads of important work. Luckily, Dan was on hand to (read: agreed to be forced to) show us how to bring The Sexy into our everyday lives.

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Check out Dan's videos at youtube.com/danisnotonfire

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