Harry Styles tells Liam Payne to be "more romantic" with Danielle Peazer

We went into a state of mourning when Liam Payne and Danielle Peazer took a break in Splitsville, and when they returned to Coupledom we made noises that sounded like this: “YEEAAAHHHBOOOIII.”

Liam Payne and Danielle Peazer

However, this relationship shizzle aint always easy, especially when one of you is a massive popstar touring the world with One Direction, and the other is a massive dancer touring with just about everyone.

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When times are tough, the Paynis turns to his Official Lurve Guru, Mr Harry Styles.

Speaking to The Daily Star, a source revealed: “Liam has turned to Harry for help as being away from his girlfriend all the time is getting harder. They still love each other but the constant travelling is becoming a strain, and things have become tense between them.

"The 1D boys have always seen Harry as the expert when it comes to love, despite the fact he’s the youngest. And he was happy to listen to Liam pour his heart out.”

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Harry Styles

So what did Harry suggest? A ride in his Range Rover Lurve Mobile? A trip to the local Chinese followed by some seagull handling? Oh no, he’s gone traditional, init.

“Harry told Liam to be more romantic and bombard Danielle with flowers. Liam took the advice and has been sending her flowers and presents.”

Aw, well aint that just swell? We hope the presents included a pair of those boots woth springs on; we well want some of those. Also, we feel like we haven’t looked at this in a long time:

Happy that the Pay and the Zer are reunited again?

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