Yeah we all know that Harry Styles’ mum, the one and only Foxy Anne Cox(y) is an absolute belter, mainly because she produced one of history’s finest specimens within her womb, but apparently she’s also well trustworthy too.

Hazzah has confessed that she’s the only one IN THE WORLD who knows the truth about his infamous love life.

harry styles anne cox

Whilst the rest of us spend about 87% of our waking lives trying to work out if he and Taylor Swift are a split up/back together/friends/a PR stunt/secret pop industry robots, Anne has got all the knowledge.

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HOW CAN WE BRIBE IT FROM HER? Ideas on a postcard please, dolls. Whilst we’re at it, we’ll try and find out how she stays looking so milf-ish as well. Harry’s probably bought her some kind of fountain of youth.

Harry told The Metro that ‘I tell her everything, and she knows the truth’.

'The Truth' sounds pretty ominous. We wil not rest until we discover it. For the good of Directioner-kind.

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harry styles mum

She's not like a regular mum, she's a cool mum. MEAN GIRLS KLAXON.

Oh god, she is just a fountain of all wonder, knowledge and inner strength. If we knew as much as she does, we’d definitely have buckled under the pressure by now. WE JUST COULDN’T TAKE IT.

Which of Harry’s lovelife secrets do you think Anne is keeper of? How cute is their relationship? It makes us weep.

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What do you think?