Justin Bieber investigated by police after woman claims he 'assaulted her with a nerf gun'

Justin Bieber has been subject to a lot of ridiculous law suits in his time.

He's been accused of causing hearing damage by allowing the music at one of his concerts to be played 'dangerously loud', fathering a child after a fumble in a toilet with Mariah Yeater and spitting in a radio presenter's water bottle.

justin bieber

However, these all seem fairly normal compared to the latest claim against El Biebo - that he assualted a woman with a nerf gun.

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Yes, one of those toys that shoot FOAM bullets.

The 'incident' is said to have taken place in Ottawa, Canada - backstage at the venue where Justin was playing a gig.

TMZ reports that a police report was filed by a female employee of the venue, claiming that Biebertron or one of his entourage, hit her with an object - allegedly a 'foam projectile' from a nerf gun.

Apparently, Justin was playing with his 3-year-old brother and 4-year-old sister when the 'assault' is said to have taken place, which just makes the whole thing even more ridiculous.

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justin bieber

The Ottowan police don't seem to think so though, and are said to be  interviewing people at the venue.

We'd like to take a moment here to offer a friendly warning to the One Direction lads and Ed Sheeran, all of whom are big fans of the 'Nerf' range of toy guns.


What do you think about all this?

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