Justin Bieber on Zayn Malik cheating rumours: 'I'm there for him'

Amidst all these yucky rumours going around that Zayn Malik has done the dirty on long term girlfriend Perrie Edwards, it’s nice to imagine Justin Bieber sat on a stool strumming You’ve Got A Friend In Me on Skype to the Bradford Bad Boi, isn’t it?

Justin Bieber

Seeing as One Direction and Justin Bieber are bosom buddies these days, le Biebs has confirmed his allegiance to Zayn no matter how many Australian waitresses he allegedly decides to have a tickle with.

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Chatting to Yahoo OMG!, Justin reportedly told them that 'I am there for him whatever he is going through – that is what buddies do. If he wants to go away and have a little trip to get away from things that is cool. We could go and do a weekend in Vegas and just get away from everything.'

Why is Vegas Justin’s answer for everything? Such a li'l swaggy badass.

Zayn Malik

Justizzle went on to insist that he’s always there for the One Direction boys, whatever happens. 'We are blessed to be doing what we are doing – but I know how tough it can be dealing with something that should be private in the public eye,' he said. 'All you want is privacy but you know it isn't going to happen.'

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He added: 'All the One Direction guys are my buddies – but I do get along really great with Zayn. We hang out a lot and we have a whole bunch of common interests and find similar stuff funny. He is a really good guy.'


So every cloud, Scapers. If Zerrie is no more, we can start fangirling over the Biebalik bromance instead. HOORAY.

What do you make of Justin’s comments? Should he be sticking up for Zayn?

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