What's happened to Zayn Malik's hand?

One Direction's Zayn Malik has been snapped with his right hand swollen beyond belief and wrapped up in bandages.

What could have happened? The snaps (that we can't afford obvs) show his knuckles with cuts all over them, his wrist and base of his hand tightly wrapped up, and the whole thing is so swollen it's a wonder he's able to pull any clothes on over it. A wonder and a disappointment.

zayn malik bandaged hand

So what could have happened? Here's what we reckon;

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  • He was saving an old woman from being crushed by a giant lorry. He went to push her out of harm's way and grazed his hand along the tarmac while it was run over by said lorry in his efforts. Heroic, yet painful.
  • A LION was fighting Niall for the last piece of chicken. Valiantly, Zayn stepped in and offered he lion his very own hand, so Niall would be free to eat his Nando's in peace.
  • Hair-styling injury. He was preening his quiff and got the spikes so sharp that they cut him on the knuckles, and the product leaked in and caused his hand to swell up and go all floppy, hence the bandages.
  • He, er, punched the wall in frustration about these cheating rumours.
zayn malik perrie hand injury

What do YOU think happened to him?

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