One Direction on Comic Relief Ghana trip: 'We all had moments. If you don't cry you're superhuman'

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One Direction have opened up about their recent trip to Ghana for Comic Relief - and revealed that it put their own problems into perspective.

Speaking about visiting a school in the poverty-stricken city of Accra, Harry Styles admitted that all five were moved to tears by the struggles of kids just a few years younger than them.

one direction in ghana for red nose day

“We all had moments. If you get involved in it and you don’t cry you’re superhuman," he told The Mirror. "We’ve seen appeal films before so we thought we knew what it’s like.

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"But when you’re there and you get the smells, your eyes hurt from the smoke, you cough, you’re feeling it all.

“The crazy thing is, when I went to school not one person wanted to be there. Yet you go into a school in Ghana and every child loves it. It’s amazing to see. There are 10-year-old kids speaking better French than I can." 

Harreh also revealed that the 1D lads bonded with several of the children they met straight away, and found it hard to return to the UK after such a short stay.

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“It’s crazy how quick you get ­connections with children and people who live there," he said. "You feel upset leaving them and saying goodbye to them.” 

Niall - who sent several tweets about the 'inspiring' trip last earlier this month - was clearly moved by the whole experience too - and admitted that he hadn't expected the level of poverty that they witnessed.

“It was the shock of people struggling to get water and watching people work 12 hours a day for little money,” he said.

Hhowever, it seems not every person on the planet knows who 1D are. In fact, the lads were mistaken for another famous boyband by some of the children.

“In the slum there were these lads that we were playing football with," recalled Liam. "They turned around to us and were like: ‘Ah, Westlife, Westlife!’

"So, Westlife are bigger than us over there. That’s something we’ve gotta achieve...”

one direction in ghana

Nialler isn't worried about competiton from Westlife though - he's more concerned about the musical talents of the Accra kids.

“We walked into a school and they started singing a welcome song to us,” he laughed. “It was really good. There were three and four-year-old kids with better rhythm than us.”

Um, remember how S Club 7 had the S Club Juniors? SOMEONE NEEDS TO MAKE 'MINI DIRECTION' HAPPEN. Mr Cowell, we're looking at you.

Footage of the lads trip will be shown during the Red Nose Day television appeal airing next month, and clips will also appear in the music video for 1D's Comic Relief single, a mash up of Blondie’s One Way or Another and The Undertones’ Teenage Kicks.

All royalties from the single (released 17th Feb) will be used to help educate poor children. In fact, Nialler revealed that the lads even filmed the video themselves, to save cash.

“We didn’t want to make a massive expensive video because that’s just a big waste of money. So we kinda made it ourselves,” he explained.

“We just want people to buy the single and help raise as much money as possible,” continued Liam, while Louis added: “By buying the song, together we’ll change people’s lives. What an amazing thing to do. Buy music that you like and change lives.”

Sounds like a plan to us.

Red Nose Day is back on Friday 15th March 2013, for more information please visit

Images: PA/Comic Relief

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