Harry Styles Pizza Hut visit to be commemorated with plaque in Glasgow

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When Harry Styles popped in to a Glasgow branch of Pizza Hut with gal pal Ellis Calcutt last week, he probably had no idea what a long-lasting effect his visit would have on the restaurant.

Staff at the branch seem to have whipped themselves up into a right old frenzy ever since he scoffed his 14 inch BBQ Americano (14 inches? Impressive.*snigger*) and have renamed his chosen pizza 'The Styles Special'.

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harry styles pizza hut

Not only that, but they're also planning to honor the exact spot Hazlan parked his bum, by fitting a plaque at the window seat where he ate.

Jesus CRUST. (Laugh please, that was funny)

Manager Sam Witheyman told The Daily Record: “There is talk of getting a wee plaque at table 10 to say Harry sat there and the BBQ Americano has become the Styles Special.”

She also shed a little light on exactly what went down when Harry popped in, and revealed that fans came before food. Which certainly wouldn't have been the case with Nialler, bless him.

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“It was about 6pm and I thought we were getting really busy – but then I realised people were just coming in to see him," she said.

harry styles pizza hut

“He didn’t really have much chance to eat his food. Every time he went to take a bite someone else came in. But he was great about it.

“The girl he was with chatted to the other customers while he was having his picture taken. It was a wee girl’s birthday the next day so he went over and had his photo taken with her too.

“He said he was just in Glasgow for the night and that he loves the city.” 

BUT WAIT, THERE'S MORE. The chef at the pizza joint decided we hadn't heard quite enough about Harry's lunch - and offered some opinions as to why he went for the American BBQ.

“Harry chose this one because it’s full of meat, with lots of chicken and bacon, and has a delicious smoky taste," she said.

harry styles pizz ahut

“It’s quite a cheesy one too and has a nice stuffed crust, so if you like cheese you will love this. It’s obviously fit for a pop star.”

Serious journalists everywhere are silently weeping right now. Not us though, we're just hungry.

What do you make of all this?

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Images: PA/Twitter

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