One Direction hit back at claims their lyrics are too 'sexually suggestive' for fans

One Direction have been forced to defend themselves, after some bladdy spoilsports went and slated their lyrics for being 'innappropriate'.

Pfff, the rudey bits are the best parts you silly people. Who doesn't want to imagine the 1D lads singing 'tonight let's get some' and 'what a mess I made upon your innocence' to them?

take me home album review

Louis Tomlinson (who else?) hit back at the criticism from British newspapers - who accused the band of being 'sexually suggestive'.

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"The thing is with the way the lyrics read, they read how you want them to read," he said. "If you want to read them with a dirty mind, fair enough. "But if not, it can mean a completely different thing."


Harry backed Luigi up, and explained : "I think you read into it what you will. We are 18, 19 and 20-year-old boys. The fans seem to like it, so it's all good."

Well, come on fans - do yo like it? Do the lyrics make you drool down your chinny chin chins?

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