Whilst most teenagers spend their lives locked in their bedrooms, reading Sugarscape (obv) and praying to god that their parents don’t come in EVER, Harry Styles owns a couple of multi million pound properties dotted over London. Standard.

However, according to Ed Sheeran, that just isn’t good enough for our Hazzah, who doesn’t actually spend very much time in them, preferring instead to kip on his friends’ floors.

harry styles

Talking to American radio station WPLJ, Ed revealed that "The strangest thing about Harry is he lived at my flat for a while, but he had a house, he had two houses... this was like a couple of months ago. He had two very posh houses in London and he'd just come and stay."

Awh, maybe poor little Hazwan gets lonely on his todd. Dolla bills ain’t great company. If we teach you nothing else, Scapers, let that be the moral lesson of today.

Ed continued to say that "I'd be like, 'Don't you want to just, live at your house for a bit?' And he's like, 'No, I'm cool'. He lives just at his mates' houses. It's cool ‘cause obviously he gets to see his friends every day and you wouldn't want to be in a big house on your own. So for a little bit I was just like, 'Man, you should live in your own house for a little bit.'"

harry styles


Arreh, Ed is obviously sick of you leaving your hair clips and dirty pants everywhere. So, seeing as you need the company, and we’re fed up of living in our slightly moulding, fudgin’ freezing, mouse ridden flat, we’ll RELUCTANTLY move in with you. And we promise not to steal your dirty pants. Too often.

Can we jot your name down on the list of places that Harry’s welcome to go and stay? Yeah, thought so.

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