Zayn Malik's alleged fling Courtney Webb is a $500 an hour stripper?: 'She would have seen it as a challenge'

As if one stripper this morning wasn’t enough (the one rotating her arse in Harry Styles’ face, if you were wondering), it’s been reported that Courtney Webb, the girl who allegedly did the hokey kokey with Zayn Malik and caused A FLIPPIN' SCANDAL, is actually a $500 per hour stripper.

We’re in the wrong business.

Zayn Malik

The Mirror has reported that 21 year old Courtney who was believed to be an Australian waitress has infact spent five months working at London’s swanky Platinum Lace, performing shexy dancing for customers including fully nude private sessions. Yowza.

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Insiders also told the paper that it isn’t the first time that good old Courtz has targetted a famous guy with her maneating ways. “I think she would have seen it as a challenge. Whenever someone famous comes into the club, she’ll always head for them. Flirting and mingling with all the football players, she’s always on the prowl. Outside work, she doesn’t hide what she does. I think she’s quite proud of herself."

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Ooh-err, what a little cheeky minx.

Now we ain't sayin' she a gold digga, but she ain't messin' with no broke Directioner. *rap hands*

Zayn Perrie

The unnamed close source also added, "I feel sorry for Zayn. She definitely would have known who he was. If she didn’t know he was a celebrity, why would she take a picture? It doesn’t make any sense."

AMEN TO THAT. The whole thing's bladdy baffling, innit? Since the fateful evening in question, Courtney has received barrages of abuse and even death threats.

Courtney Webb tweets

Zayn was missing from both Harry Styles’ birthday stripper fest which Niall also went to, AND the lads night at Funky Buddha which Liam and Louis headed to, so could he and Perrie be trying to sort things out? Or is he just keeping a low profile and nursing his hand back to health?

Have you guys made up your mind about the Zayn cheating rumours yet?

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