Harry Styles plans to 'focus on the music and not chasing girls' for a while

Whilst most mega famous pop stars might use and abuse their mystical powers over women and fangirls all over the land, our favourite curly bonsed boy has decided that the thing that’s most important to him is the music. What a sweetie pie.

Harry Styles has told of how he wants to spend less time worrying about the ladies and more about the quality of his art. Cutie.

Harry Styles

Look at him, being all serious with his microphone and jaunty leg angles.

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Harry told The Sun he and the rest of the One Direction boys are getting serious about their vocals now that the tour is SO FLIPPIN CLOSE *faints*. He said that “We have to knucle down and work hard, make sure we get everything ready so it’s a good show. I want to focus on that, not chasing girls.”

It’s actually ‘cause he’s heartbroken that the Sugarscape writers are all far too dedicated to their very important jobs to accept his persistent and quite frankly annoying offers of snogs and romance. ONLY JOKING. Wise words, Hazwan, you little angel. Liam Payne The Sensible would be proud..

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Harry Styles

Chatting about how the boys are all finding life working together 24/7 and THEN some, he simply said that they’ve never been better. Harry said that their “amazing” promotional tour of Japan only brought them closer together. “When we got back we all said we’d had a completely new experience. It was like how it was in the beginning and everything was new.”

Originially we thought, woah that's deep, shall we alert the Nobel Peace Prize peeps? Then we remembered it was a completely new experience of prancing around in kimonos and Zayn having to bolt off stage to vom into a bucket. Profound and life changing, boys. AGH we love them so.

Do you think Harry’s plan to stay single is a good one? Unless you bump into him and he realises that you’re obv meant to be together, of course.

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