Another day, another Justin Bieber scandal. This time it's not El Biebs who is in touble though - it's his bodyguard.

Police are said to be investigating an incident that took place in an LA branch of Best Buy last weekend, after a fan claimed that one of Biebo's security 'angrily' told him to delete a pic he's snapped of the star.

According to TMZ, the fan felt so threatened by the bodyguard that he called the police, who are now looking into the complaint. Gulp.

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HOWEVER, there is a different version of events, with some claiming that it was actually Justin's BFF Lil Twist (recently accused of being a bad influence on JB after THOSE smoking pics) who confronted the fan.

“Justin asked people not to take photos without asking and said he would pose with anyone who wanted a pic," an eyewitness told

justin bieber quad bike

"Lil Twist tried defending Justin and got in the guy’s face and tried to take his phone. The guy tried to get away and Twist went after him. Witnesses were appalled at what was happening. Twist created a scene."

Hmm, we just don't know what to believe. How about you?

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 Images: WENN/Instagram

What do you think?