Those avid Sugarscape readers amongst you will probably remember that time Union J did The Stupid Interview (you can read that here) back when they were living in the X Factor hotel.

You may also remember that George Shelley was off having his dinner somewhere, and missed out on the opportunity to answer the ridiculous questions that make up this infamous quiz.

UNTIL NOW. Yes, we caught up with Shellers while he was hanging about on The X Factor tour bus recently, and guess what was first on the agenda?

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Right George, we imagine you were pretty gutted you missed out on this first time round, so let's get straight to it. Would you rather lick a tramp on the nostril or the armpit?

Hahaha [laughs for quite a while]. On the armpit, because if I licked him on the nose I'd probably get a cold, and I wouldn't want to catch a cold from a tramp.

OK so you're going for the armpit due to health reasons.

Yeah. Also it would probably be quite salty, do you know what I mean? The armpit sweat I mean, it would have a taste to it – whereas the nostril wouldn't.

Oh god that actually made us gag a bit. If you had to eat another celebrity to survive, who would you choose?

Errrr... Conor Maynard. Because his last name is like Maynard sweets! I like Maynard sweets so I'd probably like eating him. Also, it's always a good idea to get rid of the competition.

That's probably one of the more original answers we've had. Give us your best insult.

Ooh, insult? Um... [thinks for quite a while]. I'm not a mean person, I don't really insult anyone. Josh is the one who does insults, he does quite a lot of jokey insults - I'm just too nice.

Ah, well we won't force you to be mean! How do you feel about marmite?

Love it. It's got to have the right ratio of butter to marmite though.

What's the right ratio?

Quite buttery and then… well just LOADS of both really. I have it on toast, muffins… the savoury muffins, not like a chocolate one. That would be weird.

It would. How would you survive zombie invasion?

Do you know what, I was only speaking about this last night with Jaymi. I've always said that I would lock myself in those shops with shutters over the doors. I'd go to a nice little corner shop that sells food, and lock myself in there. That way, I've got food to survive for quite a while. I'd be safe for a couple of months I reckon, and no zombie could get through those shutters.

That's actually a really good plan. We might have to steal that. Have you ever caught someone, or been caught in an intimate moment?

[laughs] I've caught people quite a few times...

Do tell.

Oh, actually, once there was this girl I liked, and I walked in on my friend was kissing her. I was just like 'OK cool,' then walked out. it wasn't great.

That's horrible. Did he know that you liked her?

Yeah he knew, I'd spoken to him about it. I'm still friends with him now though, we got over it.

Well that's good. Who do you think would make a better girlfriend, Taylor Swift or Selena Gomez?

[Instantly] Selena Gomez. I've got an undying crush on her, it's the whole Disney thing. I love her, I love Demi, I love all the Disney gals. Miley – I love Miley.

What do you make of her edgy haircut?

Oh no, I saw a picture of that – she's gone a bit edgy, yeah...[breaks off] hang on a sec - it sounds really bad but I'm searching the bus as we speak for my bag that I might have lost.. [frantic scuffling] Ok I've found it, panic over!

Phew. Are you looking forward to seeing Selena in her new film Spring Breakers then?

I've not seen the trailer but I'm going to watch it as soon as I get off the phone now you've said that.

Right - we've got one more question before you do that, and it's a dilemma.

Oh god.

Picture the scene - you see an old lady walking into the path of a MASSIVE LORRY. At the same time, you spot a baby about to pick up a huge knife. Who do you save?

So I've got the choice of an old lady getting run over by a lorry or a baby killing itself?


That's so harsh. What are these questions? [laughs]. I think the little baby because it's got more of a life to live and little babies are really cute. Also it would make me think of my little brothers and sisters.

So you'll let the lady get mowed down?

Yeah, bless her. I'd try and get someone else to save her maybe. [puts on scary terminator style voice] 'SAVE HER I'LL GET THE BABY'. Like that.

Ok brilliant, thanks George - it's been enlightening.

What do you think?