Justin Bieber leaves London club with pink shoes and two girls

When you're Justin Bieber, you can pretty much get away with wearing anything and just call it 'swag' - even bright pink neon shoes.

Yep, JB spent last night partying in London until the early hours, and was snapped leaving BLC nightclub sporting footwear that any six year old girl would swap her favourite Bratz doll for in an instant.

justin bieber pink shoes london

Just look at them. No wonder he's wearing sunglasses even though IT'S DARK.

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That isn't the only comment-worthy news though - because El Biebo also hopped into a taxi with two female companions, who were pictured having a right old giggle in the backseat as they sped off into the London night.

justin bieber london club

What will Selena think of that, hmm, Biebertron?

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