Justin Bieber officially dating Ella-Paige Clark?

Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez might be more on and off than Louis Tomlinson's onesie, but it sounds like things could be over for good as apparently El Biebo has only gone and got himself a new girlfriend.

justin bieber pink shoes london

The gal in question is 17-year-old Ella Paige Roberts-Clarke, an aspiring British singer who the Biebs apparently met over in LA a couple of months ago.

But since he's been in the UK, he's reportedly been spending a lot of time with her and after taking her to the special Justin Timberlake gig after the BRITs, he supposedly even sent a posh Rolls Royce to pick her up from her Camden home and drop her at his London hotel.

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“She was introduced to Justin by a mutual friend," a friend of Ella's apparently told the Mirror.

"She is always going to LA and mixes with lots of people in the industry, which is where she met Justin.

“Ella knows she will be the envy of millions of girls, but it is early days and she is just enjoying herself and having some fun.”

justin bieber london club

Hmm, what do you think about all this? Glad the Biebs is moving on or do you want him to get back with Selena?

Comments please...

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